The Okinawa H3 have been greatly looking forward to hosting Japan Nash Hash 2016. Unfortunately, circumstances on Okinawa have taken a bad turn.  As you have probably seen in the news, a former US Marine working on Kadena Air Base recently been accused of raping and murdering a young Japanese woman.  This has inflamed strong anti-American sentiment among some of the local population.  

The situation on Okinawa is sadly getting worse because of additional stories hitting the news:  A US Navy sailor recently admitted to raping a Japanese woman in an Okinawa hotel, and a group of American civilians working on Kadena were just arrested for smuggling and selling illegal drugs, DUIs are almost a weekly occurrence.  We now have almost daily protests here targeting the US military, many of them large enough to completely shut down some of the base gates.  

To show respect for the local community and prevent any further incidents, US military commanders have issued the following orders for all US military and their families on Okinawa:
- DO NOT enter any bar or club that serves alcohol.
- DO NOT drink alcohol off base at any time (unless you live off base and are in your own home).
- DO NOT be off base after midnight (unless you live off base and are in your own home).
- DO NOT participate in any off-base party or celebration of any kind.

These restrictions apply to about 90% of the Okinawa H3, who are either US military or family of US military.  Any military members caught violating these rules will be in serious trouble, and the punishment will be severe.  We're talking about losing rank, getting fired and deported back to the US, loss of any earned military pension, and perhaps even jail time.  

It will obviously be impossible for the Okinawa H3 to host a Nash Hash while these restrictions and climate remain.  Fortunately, the restrictions only apply on Okinawa.  They do not apply to US military personnel or their families in mainland Japan.  

For all those who have already registered and paid: we have begun refunding your payments. Please contact "U Suck it, I Sell it" at to coordinate your refund.

Finally, if you have any questions, please contact our GM, BDSM, at


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